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  •   Gelatine should always be sprinkled over warm liquid/water, mixed well. Melted gelatine should not be added to chilled mixer. Let it cool for some time, but use immediately before it sets. If gelatine is not mixed well, keep in microwave for few seconds and then stir it well.
  •   Gelatine – In cold climate = 15 gms – 3 teaspoons/1tablespoon is sufficient to set 2 cups of liquid. In hot climate = 21 gms is enough for 2 cups of liquid (approx)
  •   Flours are of various types. Self raising flour already has the raising agent in it, there is no need to add more baking soda/powder to it. Normally, 1 tsp baking soda is sufficient for 225 gms flour.
  •   While making puddings in cooker, keep the cooker with water to boil and only when the water is boiling, you should keep the pudding vessel in the cooker.
  •   While making cakes and cookies, measurements have to be accurate. The cup or spoon sizes denote the standard size available in the market. It is always good to make an investment in a good set of standard equipments for the perfect dish.
  •   When making home made Ice cream without an ice cream maker, first chill it in the freezer for 2/3 hours till it starts setting at the sides. Then remove from freezer & blend with a hand mixer or whisk well. Keep in freezer to set. This helps in making softer ice creams .
  •   While folding in beaten egg whites or whipped cream in the batter, do so lightly, as they are fragile and contain air. They should never be mixed. While folding, place 1/3rd of the eggs/ whipped cream on top of mixture. Using circular motion, use a rubber spatula, from the centre to the bottom and then above. Rotate the bowl and continue same procedure.Then Fold in 1/3rd more and then remaining till all ingredients are evenly folded.
  •   TIPS FOR A GREAT FRUIT PIE You don't have to peel the apricots. Or blanch the nectarines before peeling. For baking, the nectarines should be firm but not hard; they should give to gentle pressure when pressed with your thumb. Use less sugar and a smaller amount of thickening agent (such as tapioca) than you might have seen called for in the past. With the wide availability of gorgeous farmers market produce, it's best to use both sparingly and allow the true fruit flavors and textures to be enjoyed. Which is not to say these pretty pies are plain-Jane creations in any way. Well-chosen details give them originality and oomph. A judicious pinch of black pepper in the crust of a nectarine-blackberry pie adds a mysterious and intriguing dark note; vanilla bean enriches an apricot-cherry filling. To bring the combination of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries to their full expression of flavor, add a little Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, the sweet peach-scented wine from the southern Rhine region of France. You could also use another sweet white wine such as Sauternes or Monbazillac. A few notes on technique are helpful, even if you're an experienced pie maker. Use glass pans to make fruit pies; they won't react with the acid in the fruit. And chill the dough before rolling it out. If you've gotten distracted and left it in the fridge longer than an hour, let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes before rolling it out. Don't shy away from making lattice or cutout crusts - they're not hard to master and it's so rewarding to see the glowing colors of caramelized fruit revealed through the windows of golden brown crust. (By Susan LaTempa and Donna Deane, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers July 4, 2007)
  •   Do you have fruit in your kitchen that's ripening quicker than you can eat it? Puree it and use in smoothies or as a topping for ice cream, pancakes or waffles. You can also freeze the purreed fruit in a plastic freezer zipper bag and use it later on.
  •   A tip on whipped cream...soupy whipped cream can be revived by adding an egg white to it then chilling thoroughly before re-whipping it to its former fluffy glory.
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